Current Version is 1.3


TurnFindOn is an iPhone app.
1. It can turn on Data and Location function through SMS.
Just need to send a special SMS message to iPhone, then Data and Location function will open.
2. It can send you a notification message when SIM card changed by someone.


1. Ensure SBSettings is installed on your iPhone.
2. You have two choices:
a) Using Cydia:
i. Put TurnFindOn_x_x.deb to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall
ii. Start Cydia
iii. Cydia will install TurnFindOn automatically.
b) Using iFile: Use iFile to open TurnFindOn_x_x.deb
3. Reboot iPhone after install completed!


1. Start TurnFindOn
2. Setup message to turn on data and location function. Ex:"TurnFindOn"
3. Setup receiver number for SIM card change notification.

And then when you lost your iPhone, you can
1. Send SMS message to your iPhone(content is your setting message), and the data and location function of your iPhone will be open.
Then you can use Find My iPhone service to find your iPhone.
2. The mobile number you setup will receive notification when someone insert his SIM card to your iPhone.


1.3 - Bug fixed!
1.2 - Add SIM change notification.